Basic Troubleshooting for Hardware Issues

Approval from our Warranty department is required for any in-warranty repair. This article contains a non-exclusive list of some basic troubleshooting steps to be performed by a trained technician (not through any intermediary) before a request for in-warranty repairs can be submitted by the IPConfigure Support department to the IPConfigure Warranty department. Please note that any standing SteelFin hardware warranty can be voided if the internal components of a SteelFin server are accessed without expressed consent from a member of the IPConfigure support team.

You can find more information about the SteelFin Hardware Warranty Agreement here. You can find the contact information and business hours for our support help desk here.

Symptoms of different hardware issues can vary widely and not all of the tests below will be warranted in every situation. Basic hardware troubleshooting may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Testing different power cables (server won't power on)
  • Testing a different monitor that is known to be functional (no picture / won't boot)
  • Log Into the BIOS (DEL on boot) to see if boot drives are detected (won't boot)
  • Checking clearance of exterior fan vents (slow performance, freezing, won't boot, etc)
  • Checking temperature of the server room around the server (slow performance, freezing, won't boot, etc)
  • Screenshots of all errors on the monitor for records and to assist in diagnoses.
  • Screenshots of Command line outputs of various commands depending on the issue
  • Checking SATA connections - contact support first (won't boot)
  • Checking motherboard power connections - contact support first (won't power on, won't boot, freezing, etc)
  • Checking to see if the RAM is seated properly - contact support first (won't boot, freezing)

As a final note to reiterate the warning above, accessing the internal of a SteelFin server without first contacting IPConfigure Support can void your SteelFin Hardware Warranty Agreement. The list above is for reference purposes only and is not intended to be a step-by-step guide.

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