Orchid Not Recording Properly After Time Change

When the system time is updated on a server running Orchid, it can cause Orchid to stop functioning as expected. Common symptoms of this issue are:

  • Live video playing back intermittently
  • Motion events not being recognized
  • Video not recording

Note: This issue only occurs when the system time is changed on the computer Orchid is installed and running on.

To resolve this issue, restart Orchid. On Windows, you can restart Orchid through the Services Manager and on Linux, Orchid can be restarted through Monit.

Once the Orchid service has restarted, it should re-sync with the new time and continue recording video as expected. If Orchid is still not running properly after restarting the service: restart the computer Orchid is running and installed on.

Note: The previously recorded video will still appear in the timeline under the original time the system was set to when the video was recorded. For example, if the time was updated one hour forward from 7:30AM to 8:30AM, the video recorded prior to the time change will still appear as being captured at 7:30AM.

It may take a few moments for Orchid and all of the video streams to come back up fully, depending on the number of cameras setup. However, after completing the above steps then Orchid should be recording and playing back video as expected. For further assistance, please submit an Orchid Technical Support Request.

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