Configuring Camera-side Motion Detection


Beginning in version 21.3.0, Orchid Core VMS can be configured to use ONVIF metadata events from Axis, Hanwha, and Vivotek cameras to flag motion within recorded video.  Typically these metadata events will come from the camera's built-in motion detection algorithm, but might also come from other sources like an external PIR sensor connected to the camera's I/O port.  When configured to use Camera-side motion detection, Orchid Core's Server-side motion detection system is disabled, reducing CPU processing overhead.


RECOVERY: For Cameras Registered Before version 21.3.0

If your camera was originally added to your Orchid Core VMS system before version 21.3.0, Orchid Core will not have stored information about the camera's ONVIF metadata streams, and the Motion Style setting in Orchid Core's camera stream configuration will be locked on Server only (that is, Orchid Core's server-side motion detection):



To refresh information about the camera's ONVIF metadata capabilities, use the Recover Camera button on the camera settings page.  Provide the camera's ONVIF username and password and click Recover Camera againIf your compatible camera supports ONVIF metadata events, you will now be able to select Camera as the Motion Style on the camera stream configuration dialog.



ENABLE: Camera-Side Motion Events

To use camera-side motion events, edit your camera's primary camera stream in Orchid Core VMS, and select Camera as the Motion Style.  Once selected, you will need to specify which Camera Event is used to indicate motion.  Most cameras report a long list of ONVIF metadata events, and it may take some experimentation to find the right one.  In this example, and for most Axis cameras, the correct Camera Event for Axis's built-in camera motion detection engine is RuleEngine/VMD3/vmd3_video_1:


That's it!  Motion events will now be flagged in Orchid Core VMS, but instead of coming from Orchid Core's built-in motion detection engine, the events will come from the configured Camera Event.


CONFIGURE: Adjusting the Camera-side Motion Detection Settings

Adjusting camera-side motion detection settings must be done using each camera's web interface, and the available settings and configuration details will vary by manufacturer.  For example, in modern Axis cameras, camera-side motion detection is controlled from the Apps tab by an app called AXIS Video Motion Detection.


Still need help configuring Camera-side motion detection in Orchid Core VMS?  We're here to help!


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