Configuring an Authoritative Time Server on Windows

In order to configure your server to push time and date information to your cameras, you will need to configure your server as an authoritative time server, or NTP server.


For detailed instructions on performing this on a Windows server, please consult the following official Microsoft Knowledge Base article:


In addition, a batch file is attached that will automatically perform this configuration for you. Rename the file extention from "ba_" to "bat", then edit the file to change the IP address listed to point to the IP address you wish your server to sync its time to (this may be itself).


Once your server is configured as an authoritative time server, you will need to configure your cameras to point to the server's IP in order to receive date and time information. Performing this configuration will vary depending on the make and model of your cameras. Please consult the user's manual for your cameras for instructions on configuring your cameras to point to an NTP server.


Please be advised that the Windows Time Service is configured for a Manual start by default. We recommend changing this to Automatic Start in order to avoid manually starting the service after the server reboots.

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