Non-Interactive Installation Of Orchid On Windows

Beginning with version 2.8.0, Orchid Core VMS's Windows installer supports unattended installation, upgrade, and uninstallation using the following command line switches:

  • /S - Invoke silent install/uninstall (mandatory)
  • /AdminPassword=<password> - Admin password (mandatory)
  • /Port=<port-number> Server HTTP port (default = 80)
  • /ArchivesDir=<C:\path\to\archives> - Archives directory (defaults to C:\orchives)
  • /Locale=<ISO 639-1 locale code> - The server locale (defaults to en)
  • /OptimizeDB=<true,false> - Database optimization flag (defaults to true, only valid on upgrade)

Note that white space is not supported for any unattended installer options, including ArchivesDir (e.g., /ArchivesDir="C:\Archive Folder" is not valid and will cause the default option to be used instead).

As an example, the following command line invocation will install Orchid Core VMS with no user input required, with a non-default webserver port, a non-default archive directory, and the default server local:

C:\Users\orchid\Downloads> .\ipc-orchid.exe /S /AdminPassword=ptain /Port=81 /ArchivesDir=D:\my_very_own_archive_folder

Uninstallation is also possible using the uninstall.exe executable:

C:\Program Files\IPConfigure\orchid> .\uninstall /S

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