Rotating Axis camera ONVIF stream (updated 1/13/20)


Some Axis cameras with the new web interface (currently on firmware version 9+) have an issue where rotating the video stream by usual means via the camera web interface will not rotate the ONVIF video stream in Orchid Core VMS. On certain models of camera with certain firmware versions, there is a workaround in the "Plain Config" section that will rotate the ONVIF stream that Orchid Core VMS uses.

There is a list of cameras and firmware versions at the bottom of this article where this workaround has been confirmed to work, although there may be other cameras or other firmware versions to which this applies.


  1. Sign into the web interface for the camera as a user with administrative or root permissions
  2. Click the arrow in the bottom-right corner of the screen to open the menu, and click on the "System" tab
  3. Click on "Plain config"
  4. On the left-hand column of the resulting menu, click on "ImageSource"
  5. On the right-hand column of the menu, adjust the "Camera tilt orientation" setting, and click save - you should instantly see the change through the Orchid web interface




Here is a list of cameras and firmware versions where this method can be applied. Please note that this list is not all-inclusive - there may be other cameras or firmware versions where this will work. If this does not work for your particular Axis camera on any firmware version, please review this article for other workarounds.

m3105-LVE 9.40.1
P3227-LVE 9.40.1
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