Enable Audit-Level Logging of API Endpoints

Orchid Core VMS supports logging every API action requested by the user interface, along with the user who requested the action and the time of the request.  System administrators can then search logs for detailed audit-level information, indicating which users accessed which resources and when.


Enable API Endpoint Logging

To enable API endpoint logging, add the following line to your /etc/opt/ or C:\Program FIles\IPConfigure\orchid\bin\ file, and then restart the Orchid Core VMS service: = orchid_routing_engine:trace


Log Output

With API Endpoint Logging enabled, the Orchid Core VMS logs in /var/log/orchid_server or C:\Program FIles\IPConfigure\orchid\bin will now contains lines such as:

  • orchid_2020-02-17__17_37_44.log:02/17/2020 17:48:04 <trace> (orchid_routing_engine) User: (DDrew) requested: (GET /service/streams/1161/frame?width=380&height=234&now=1581979685102)

In this example, we see that the user "DDrew" accessed camera stream #1161 at 5:37pm on February 17, 2020.

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