High Level Network Architecture Diagram

Orchid Fusion VMS can be configured in a variety of network configurations, but in the most common scenario Orchid Fusion VMS is a server with internet connectivity that sits behind a firewall with HTTPS port-forwarding providing remote access to Orchid Fusion VMS from the internet.

Orchid Core VMS is typically installed on servers that are also behind firewalls, and may or may not have direct access to the internet.  In all cases, Orchid Fusion VMS must have a network route to all Orchid Core VMS servers -- these network routes will often be over a common VPN.


If you need more information about how Orchid Fusion VMS should be configured in your network environment, or about how your Orchid Fusion Cloud service is architected, please submit a support ticket and our support engineers can provide more detailed information specific to your environment.


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