Specify Custom JVM (Java) Options for Orchid Fusion VMS

NOTE: System administrators who are experiencing performance issues on large, enterprise Orchid Fusion VMS installations are encouraged to contact IPConfigure technical support before making changes to their JVM settings.


Orchid Fusion VMS is a Java application that runs in a Java Virtual Machine (JVM).  For certain installations, typically those with a large number of connected Orchid Core VMS servers (100+), or those with a large number of simultaneous users, it may be necessary to tune your JVM in order to get the best possible performance from Orchid Fusion VMS.

Orchid Fusion VMS provides a java.options file in /etc/opt/fusion/java.options that allows administrators to specify optional JVM configuration parameters that will be used and retained across Orchid Fusion VMS version upgrades.  For example, the following contents of java.options increases the amount of memory available to the JVM, as well as the number of simultaneous connections that Orchid Fusion VMS's webserver can service:

JAVA_OPTS="-Xmx2g -Dhttp.maxConnections=64 -Dhttp.keepAlive=true"

After updating java.options, you must restart the Orchid Fusion VMS service:

$ sudo systemctl restart fusion.service

The following links include lists of tunable JVM settings which may be helpful for large Orchid Fusion VMS installations:



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