ESM - Shrink Database and Database Files

SQL Express has a limitation of 10GB database size. If the database reaches this size, it can impact the system. This is how you shrink the database and solve this issue.

Open up SQL Server Management Studio on the ESM Archive server:


Log into the Server with Windows Authentication credentials or "sa" login:


Expand the Databases tree and you should see ESM5_2. If this server is also a Management server, you will also see ESM5_2_Central:


Right click on ESM5_2 and choose Tasks/Shrink/Database:


On the box which pops up, click OK to launch the database cleanup task. This can take between 1 min to 5 mins depending on database size.


Once this is complete, perform the same task on Files instead of Database:


This will keep your database size in good shape, and avoid issue which occur when the database reaches too large a size.



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