Recording to a NAS /SAN

There may be times where you wish to have your Orchid VMS software record to a NAS or SAN. This can be done but has some requirements. 

You must have the correct permissions to record to the NAS/SAN. The best case scenario is that you have an Active Directory user with the correct permissions to write to the storage volume. This may require you to configure your storage medium for this case. 

You will have to use a text editor alter the Orchid properties file:

in Linux at:


In Windows at:

C:\Program Files\IPConfigure\Orchid\bin\

You will need to use the following as an example on how to set up your properties file for the path to your storage volume:

archives.dir=\\\\<your_NAS_IP>\\name of folder

For Windows you will have to adjust the Orchid service to use a User with the proper permissions to write to the storage volume on the device:




There is also a way to map a network path using Windows and can be referenced here:

This would still require the same permissions to be set on the network device and storage volume folder with the Orchid service having read/write/modify permission.

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