Orchid Core VMS Will Not Stay Logged In (WebSockets blocked)

Orchid Core VMS uses an HTML feature called WebSockets to communicate between a user's web browser and the Orchid Core VMS server.  When this WebSocket connection is lost, a user's web browser will think that Orchid Core VMS is unavailable.  When this happens, users will see an error page, after which the web browser will attempt to automatically log back in.  



After logging in, Orchid Core VMS loops between the stage and a "Orchid Core VMS Service Unresponsive" error message:



Verify that WebSockets are blocked by enabling the JavaScript debugging console (on Chrome, press F12).  From the console tab, look for an error message referencing WebSockets:


WebSockets are part of the HTML5 standard and are required to use Orchid Core VMS.  WebSockets may be blocked on your network due to firewall rules and filters, domain policies, or a specific browser configuration.

If you find that WebSockets are blocked, contact your network or system administrator and indicate that your Orchid Core VMS server requires use of WebSockets.


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