How to edit a Configuration File in Windows

If it becomes necessary, you can edit the Orchid Core VMS configuration files using a text editor like WordPad or Notepad.

Note:​ In order to edit Orchid Core VMS’s configuration files, you will need to be signed in as an Administrator.

The default locations for Orchid Core VMS’s configuration files in Windows are:

  • Orchid Server Properties:​

C:\Program Files\IPConfigure\Orchid\bin\orchid_server.defaults

  • Stores all of the Orchid Core VMS settings and can be used to update things like the Orchid Core VMS port number, manually update the admin password, etc.


  • Orchid ONVIF Auto-Discovery:


  •  Used to edit the settings for the Orchid ONVIF Auto-Discovery service used by Orchid Core VMS. Refer to the Installation Support Topics section for a list of available properties. IPConfigure Inc. Orchid Core VMS Installation Guide v2.2.0 11

1. Open the Windows start menu and type Wordpad into the search bar, or go to Windows Accessories. Or


2. Right click on the WordPad​ icon and click Run as administrator.

3. Click the Yes button to let WordPad make changes to the computer. ​

4. Select File/Open​. When the window opens, navigate to the configuration file you need to edit. (If no files appear, ensure the All Documents option is selected.)


5. Select the file you want to edit and click the Open​ button.

6. The file you selected will open in WordPad. Make setting changes as necessary.


7. When you are ready to save the file, select File/Save to save the configuration ​ file.

8. You must restart the Orchid Server service in Windows to implement the new settings.




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