Increase Maximum Export Duration

By default, Orchid will reject video export requests that span more than 1 hour. This limit is now configurable since Orchid 2.0.5. We recommend administrators avoid adjusting this value if possible, since it can have unintended consequences.

Increasing the Max Export Duration

You will need to modify the Orchid Properties file to increase the max export duration of Orchid. Refer to the Orchid Core VMS Installation Guide for instructions on configuring Orchid for your target installation platform.  Add the following statement to the Orchid Properties file to set the max export duration in hours:

orchid.max_export_hours = 6

In this example we've increased the max export duration to 6 hours (from the default 1 hour).

Side Effects

There is no limit to the value that can be configured for export. However, administrators should be aware of the following consequences of increasing this value:

  • Longer processing times. Exporting large time ranges can be time-consuming.
  • Larger disk utilization. Orchid must temporarily store the export video before it can be transmitted. This can impact video retention in unexpected ways. If your export files are very large, additional video recordings may be deleted to make space.


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