Orchid Core VMS Configuration Back-Up

The state of an Orchid Core VMS server can be captured by backing up the following files and directories:

  • The database: /var/lib/orchid_server/* on Linux, or C:\Program Files\IPConfigure\Orchid\bin\orchid.sqlite* on Windows.
  • The configuration files: /etc/opt/orchid_* on Linux, or C:\Program Files\IPConfigure\Orchid\bin\ on Windows.
  • The archives directory: Default location /orchives/* on Linux, or C:\orchives\* on Windows.

To restore the system configuration, first perform a new Orchid Core VMS installation.  Stop the Orchid Core VMS service, copy the above files back to their original locations, and restart the Orchid Core VMS service.

If the Orchid Core VMS server's hardware profile has changed, either due to hardware replacement or because the configuration is being restored to a machine different from the machine you backed up, Orchid Core VMS will show a licensing error.  In this case, please submit a support ticket to get an updated license.

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