Multiple Profiles for Firefox

Creating multiple Firefox profiles for ESM can help if you are running into browser memory issues.

1. Open Firefox browsers and type about:profiles.


2. Create a new profile and Name it ESM 1.


3. Create another profile and name it ESM 2.


4. Download BAT file attached to this knowledge base "firefoxesm.bat"

5. Move "firefoxesm.bat to your Desktop.

6. Double Click "firefoxesm.bat" to open profiles ESM 1 and ESM 2.

7. You can now input the ESM URL to each of the Firefox windows. After doing so click on the settings button in the top right hand corner and select "options". (Do this is both Browsers)

8. Select "Use Current Page" to set ESM as the default homepage for each profile.

9 You will now be able to use the "firefoxesm.bat" to open two instances of ESM that will help with memory utilization with our FBGST plugin.

10. Creating two separate layouts will help streamline opening a subset of cameras on each screen.



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