3rd tier setup (ESMv6.x)


1. Set Up Main Archive Server: Install ESM as Main Archive Server with all archive services (which will hold the database/ database services)

2. Set Up Additional Archive Server(s)

  • On the System Components screen, disable the “Management Server” option. Drop down the tree for Archive Server and disable the option for “Database and Streaming Services” The only option that should be enabled is “Capture Services.
  • Point the Database to the main archive server's ip or dns name
  • For Server IP or DNS name, enter the ip or dns name of the 3rd tier archive server (server you are installing on).

 (Please note the feature enhancement between older ESM versions and ESMv6.x now updates the database automatically with the record needed to communicate between the database on the main archive server and the 3rd tier archive server's capture services. This build version also updates the registry settings as needed as well.)


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