Moving ESM Management and Archive databases to a new ESM server

This article instructs on moving SQL databases to a server with both management and archive services.

1. Backup Databases:

From the server you are retiring, backup the following databases:

ESM5_2_Central database (Management database),
ESM5_2 (Archive database),and
aspnetdb (if you are using internal authentication)

2. Transfer backup files and restore
Transfer backup files (.bak) files to the new server and restore each one of them in SQL Management Studio.

3. Update databases to reflect the ipAddress or DNS name of the new server:

  • In SQL Management Studio, connect to the database engine.
  • In the tree on the left, expand Database>>ESM5_2_Central>>Tables
  • Right-click on the table dbo.tblServer, select "Edit Top 200 Rows".
  • In  the IPAddress field, change the ipAddress or DNS name leaving the /ESMWCF at the end. (Example of the format: "ipaddress"/ESMWCF)
  • In the tree on the left, expand Database>>ESM5_2>>Tables
  • Right-click on the table dbo.tServer, select "Edit Top 200 Rows".
  • Change the ipAddress or DNS name for the following fields:
    • ServerDNSName
    • CentralDNSName (leaving the http:// at the beginning. (Ex. http://ipaddress)
    • ServerIP

4. Install ESM software and Activate New License

5. Copy Maps
You will manually need to move the maps (drive location you installed to>>ipConfigure>>Maps)

If you plan to migrate the data (raw video) as well, please review this knowledge base article first:

PLEASE NOTE: You will lose the ability to replay library items previously saved unless you copy them to the same exact drive path as they were previously. If this is not possible, you can retrieve the raw files from the library folder on the old server but will be unable to playback through ESM.


For more assistance, please submit a support ticket at

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