Fusion Configuration Files

Fusion uses a configuration and logging logback.xml file . Fusion loads the fusion.properites and logback.xml files from the following default locations:

  • Linux: /etc/opt/fusion/
  • Windows: C:\Program Files\IPConfigure\Fusion\conf

The Fusion service will need to be restarted for any properties file changes to take effect.


  • listening.protocol - Webserver protocol: "http" or "https"
  • listening.port - Port number of the webserver
  • - Listening address ( binds to all network interfaces)
  • access.control.headers - CORS Access-Control-Allow-Headers

SSL Properties

  • ssl.pem - Full path to the PEM encoded TLS certificate file
  • ssl.key - Full path to the PEM encoded RSA key

RTSP Server

  • rtsp.listening.protocol - protocol between Fusion and Fusion clients; options are rtsp (default), rtspt (interleaved over tcp), or rtsps for secure (if secure, ssl.pem & ssl.key must be set)
  • rtsp.listening.port - port the rtsp proxy listens on (default 9555)
  • rtsp.proxy.transport.protocol -- protocol between Orchid servers and Fusion; options are udp (default), tcp, or http (http only works with target orchids running rtsp)
  • rtsp.session.cleanup.period - (default -1)
  • rtsp.server.backlog - (default -1)
  • rtsp.max.threads - maximum number of threads allocated (default -1 for no maximum)
  • rtsp.max.sessions - maximum number of simultaneous connects allowed (default -1 for no maximum)
  • rtsp.port.range.min - use to specify a specific port range (default -1 for any ports)
  • rtsp.port.range.max - use to specify a specific port range (default -1 for any ports)


  • database.file- The sqlite database file

Fusion Server

  • orchid.polling.interval - Number of seconds between Orchid data sync
  • new.password - Updates the admin password (removed from file after parsed)

Jersey REST Tracing

  • jersey.tracing.type - Valid values: OFF (default), ALL, ON_DEMAND (detailed here)
  • jersey.tracing.threshold - Valid values: SUMMARY, TRACE (default), VERBOSE (detailed here)


  • Default log level is set to DEBUG
  • Default console logging is disabled, remove the xml comment to enable console logging:
    • <!-- <appender-ref ref="STDOUT" /> -->
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