How to Setup Remote Lights Out IPMI

IPMI 2.0 based management

  • BMC stack with a full IPMI 2.0 implementation
  • Hardware health monitor
  • Remote power control

Keyboard, Video & Mouse (KVM) Console Redirection with multi language support
Serial over LAN (SOL)
Media Redirection

  • Simultaneous floppy and CD/ DVD redirection
  • Efficient USB 2.0-based CD/DVD redirection, with typical speed greater than 15xCD
  • Support for USB key

VLAN support
Event Log and Alerting

  • Read Log events
  • Full SMTP support
  • Sensor readings
  • SNMP trap
  • Email alerts

Sophisticated User Management

  • IPMI based user management
  • Added security with SSL (HTTPS)
  • Multiple user permission level
  • Multiple user profiles

Active Directory/LDAP Client support

  • Direct LDAP support from the device
  • Windows Active Directory and Open-LDAP

Common Information Model (CIM)

  • CIM Object Manager (CIMOM)
  • True Object Manager with CIM class handling
  • Creating class, instance and working with the instances
  • Core support for all DMTF profiles

SMASH and CLP support

  • SSH based SOL
  • Power control of the server
  • Support for all DMTF Profiles
  • Complete command support

WSMAN Support

  • Supports WSMAN as well as WS-CIM
  • Fully organically developed code as library
  • HTTP and HTTPS support
  • Complete WSMAN support - Discovery, Enumeration, Get, Put, Subscribe and Eventing
  • Rich client library support (C, Java, JavaScript)
  • Web Interface Multilanguage support
  • Full Unicode support
  • Multiple language support for multiple clients simultaneously

Web based configuration

  • Full configuration using web UI
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