FBGST Plugin Not Detected in Firefox for Linux

If even after installing the latest version of FBGST for Linux and restarting your browser instances, Orchid still reports that FBGST is required in Mozilla Firefox, follow these steps to make FBGST accessible:

  1. Verify that FBGST is reported as not installed:

  2. Open the address "about:addons" and verify that FBGST is not set to "Never Activate"  or "Ask to Activate."  If it is, change FBGST to "Always Activate" and try accessing Orchid again.  If FBGST does not appear in the list of addons, continue to the next step.

  3. Close Firefox and run the "Terminal" command. Delete your Mozilla Firefox preferences directory by running:

    rm -rf ~/.mozilla

    NOTE: This will delete all of your local Firefox history and preferences.

  4. Restart Mozilla Firefox.
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