Port Forward Camera


Camera needs to be accessible from outside the private network.



1. Log into the camera interface and access it's network settings. Typically there are a few ports that you are able to change. These ports are HTTP and RTSP. The default port for these protocols are 80 and 554, respectively. Typically, most cameras will record over HTTP, so, that is the port that will need to change. Choose a port higher than 8000 but less than 65535 and set it as the HTTP port instead of 80. Now, to get to the camera's UI, you will need to append the IP address with ":8000" to access it in the browser. Example:

2. Now, log into your router or firewall and add a rule to port forward port 8000 on your camera's local IP address. You should enable it for TCP and UDP. See your firewall or router's user guide for more information.

3. Now, from an external connection, you should be able to enter the public IP of the camera followed by the forwarded HTTP port. 


Please contact Support if you have any further questions.

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