Streaming/Recording Camera on Non-standard Port


You have a camera that is streaming/recording on a non standard port.



  1. Open SQL Management Studio on the server that the cameras are recording on.

  2. Connect

  3. Expand Databases > ESM5_2 > Views > Right click on dbo.CameraDetail - Edit top 200 rows

  4. Find the camera you are having issues with based on it's IP or Camera ID

  5. Check the CameraStreamPort and CaptureStreamPort column. By default these are set to 554. You will need to change them to the non standard port that you are using. The port that shows in the UI should be configured as HTTP and the port should be the HTTP port of the camera (port that you use to hit the camera's UI). We need this information to configure the camera based on the settings provided in the admin section.



Please contact if you continue to experience issues.

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