Supported Axis Firmware

eLPR can run successfully on ARTPEC-4 or better cameras running the following firmware version:

  • 5.40.3.x
  • 5.50.3.x
  • 5.55.x
  • 5.60.x

Any firmware version newer than 5.60 (ex. 5.70 or 5.80) is not compatible with current versions of eLPR. If your camera is running a newer firmware, download a supported firmware version from the Axis website and install it onto the camera. The firmware for Axis cameras can be downloaded from their website here:

If you do not see a supported version of the firmware available for download, you will need to click the More versions and language files link at the bottom of the camera’s information page to see the full list of available firmware versions.

The firmware on the camera can be easily downgraded using the same process used to upgrade the camera’s firmware. Please perform a factory restore (keeping ipaddress/network infomation) after firmware downgrade.

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