Add Watermark to Axis Camera

Axis cameras have the ability to overlay a watermark onto the camera stream, which would appear when viewing both live and recorded video from the camera. The default watermark is the Axis logo. However, any image in a 24-bit BMP format can be used.

To upload a watermark, open the camera’s setup menu and click the “Video & Audio” button in the left-hand side menu, then the “Overlay Image” button.

The Overlay Image settings menu will appear and show the currently set watermark, if there is one. To set a new watermark, click the “Choose File” button and select your new watermark image in the file explorer window that appears. Click the “Upload” button once you have selected the file to upload the watermark image to the camera.

Note: You will see a message saying “Unsupported file type” if you try uploading a file that is not a 24-bit bitmap (.bmp). The image also needs to have a height and width divisible by 4.

If the upload is successful, you will be brought to the transparency settings screen. This setting allows you to set a specific color on the image to be transparent. For example, if your image has a white background, you can set the transparent color to #FFFFFF to make everything white in the image transparent.

This option can only be set when you first upload the image, so to change it later you would need to re-upload your watermark.

Click the “Save” button to save the transparency setting. The new image will now appear as an option in the “Use overlay image” drop down menu. Select the new image in the drop down and click the “Save” button to set the new image.

If you ever want to remove the image from the camera, you can use the “Remove selected image” button to completely delete it, or select the <No overlay image> option in the drop down.

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