Downgrading Versions of ESM

Although HIGHLY not recommended, it is possible to downgrade to previous version of ESM. However, you will lose the option to playback video from the time you upgraded until present. 

Please note: ESM will not run the clean up routine on the video recorded after the upgrade until present so you will manually need to remove this video after retention days have been met.


You will need:

  • Full backup of the database before the upgrade
  • Possible license engine update (Item # 2:
  • Installer of version of ESM you wish to install


1. Uninstall the current version of ESM.

2.  Restore database to a full backup when the previous version was installed. (During the upgrade process, the data is moved around/ reconfigured in the tables which will result in failures if the database is not rolled back.)

3. Install the previous version. 



Please note: The video between the time of the upgrade and downgrade will still be accessible on the archive server volume. It will also need to be manually deleted after rentention expires. (


For more assistance, please submit a support ticket at

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