Release Notes for ESM

v6.6.8 September 2017

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

  • Moved the configuration of smtp settings for reports to Global Devices under the Administration Devices panel.
  • Modified LPR search to allow more results and the ability to specify times in the search criteria.
  • Fixed a problem with Arecont cameras using the legacy drivers.
  • Removed unnecessary reports and merged some information into existing reports.
  • Included properties of ONVIF cameras in current reports.
  • Added ability to convert from a legacy driver to ONVIF and vice versa.
  • The audio volume control is now displayed in playback/library when an audio stream is present.
  • When going to full screen from Matrix, the stream wasn't being re-negotiated to get a better resolution.
  • The selected ptz mode is now persisted to browser storage.
  • Added ability to rename groups.
  • ONVIF cameras are now added to the current user's group and any groups that have Devices Edit and Groups Edit privileges.
  • Drag/drop of the camera nodes in Devices panel is now persisted correctly.
  • Removed the Reset Archive Server to default menu item.
  • Fixed failure of linking Archive servers that are on Universal Coordinated Time (and others with inconsistent display names).


v6.6.7 May 2017

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

  • Enhanced UI for ONVIF cameras to show MAC Address
  • Fixed ONVIF camera not being displayed in the Parent Map Placement tab
  • Updated searching for LPR reads
  • Updated Recording Control Service to minimize event log errors
  • Restored Bosch/Bosch Encoder implementation
  • Added RTSP option for Sony Gen3 cameras

v6.6.6 March 2017

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

  • Added camera name to email body for LPR events
  • Last Locked Out field no longer displays the date if user isn't locked out
  • Added build date and version to settings page
  • Audio volume wasn't getting set on FBGST

March 2017

Bug Fixes and Improvements:
  • Fixed issue with calendar appointments on the default schedules stopping on February 23rd 2017.
  • Mobile viewing wasn't displaying streams correctly when they weren't proxied.
  • Authentication tokens weren't generated correctly in some cases.
  • Legacy library items from deleted remote servers could not be deleted.

February 2017

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

  • Multi domain Active Directory support
  • Modified services to allow for start up in a timely manner
  • Extended the timeout on site service to allow for exporting larger amounts of video
  • Fixed issue with thumbnails not displaying properly due to timezone changes
  • Fixed a memory leak in the capture engine
  • Added Stats for Nerds to FBGST
  • Fixed token expiration causing timed cycle to fail
  • Fixed time cycle crash in IE with FBGST 1.4.3+
  • Fixed legacy library items not being available

January 2017


  • Added rtsph and rtspt options to Generic RTSP driver.

Note: If the generic rtsp driver was tunnelled over http before it should use the rtsph protocol now.

 November 30, 2016

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Windows Server 2016 support
  • Resolved issue with adjusting volume when playing back video
  • Resolutions in FBGST now match what are displayed when using EMP
  • Resolved issue causing incorrect stream resolution to be selected when changing live view player dimensions
  • Zip files produced from mass export can now be opened when greater than 4 GB.

Known Issues

  • .NET 3.5 has to be installed on Windows Server 2016 prior to installing ESM
  • OS X users must now open exported .zip files with The Unarchiver 

November 17, 2016

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Resizing FBGST player now selects appropriately sized stream
  • Added warning when recording streams with unsupported audio codec
  • Added link to camera configuration page
  • Fixed bug where evidence/zip files could not be opened on a Mac
  • Corrected issue causing capture engine to not record G711 audio codec
  • Corrected issue causing capture engine to be not be notified of stream resolution changes
  • Fix video player to prevent audio controls from affecting multiple videos
  • Corrected recovery of ONVIF cameras
  • Corrected issue deleting ONVIF cameras with associations
  • When adding a stream to an ONVIF camera it is now viewable by default
  • Fixed timeout problem with ONVIF streams
  • Removed deprecated I/O systems

Known Issues

  • Occasionally when deleting an ONVIF camera, it doesn't get removed from the tree. Refreshing the page will correct this.

October 21, 2016

New Features and Improvements

  • ONVIF Profile S camera support
  • ONVIF camera discovery
  • Updated pre-requisite installer to SQL Server 2014

Bug Fixes

  • Cameras names containing characters that are not valid in filenames now work in playlists
  • Fixed pass through authentication for mobile
  • Disabled and unauthorized cameras are no longer displayed in layouts
  • Fixed bug which could cause camera status report to be unavailable
  • Fixed errors that could occur when deleting library items

April 11, 2017

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Added support for SSL login page
  • Enabled digital signature support for older operating systems

October 19, 2016

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved motion detection handling of continuous motion events across minutes 

August 8, 2016

Improved Camera Support

  • Updated driver for Pelco NET5400-series encoders.

June 30, 2016 

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

  • Fixed issue when accessing certain live camera streams in low-bandwidth mode.

v6.4.10 June 3, 2016

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

  • Added debug information for FBGST
  • Fixed admin reporting page memory leak
  • Added clean up process for temporary video export files
  • Removed unnecessary log statements from capture process
  • Updated timestamp server for EMP and ESM installers

New Camera Support:

  • Axis P5635-E
  • Axis A8004
  • Vivotek IB836B-HT

Improved Camera Support:

  • Corrected invalid resolution (342x240) for Axis Q7406
  • Updated Axis M3203 resolutions
  • Corrected Sony gen 3 camera codec configuration


v6.4.9 April 18, 2016

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

  • Fixed issue with camera default motion detection lines getting created as 1px/1px squares.
  • Re-issued code signing certificate for EMP 
  • Re-issued code signing certificate for ESM installer
  • Disabled server volume deletion if cameras are assigned to it.
  • LPR records now getting cleaned up if associated camera has been removed.

New Camera Support:

  • Arecont AV2455DNF
  • Axis M1124
  • Axis M1125
  • Axis M7011
  • Axis Q6045-E MK II
  • Hikvision DS-2DE7184-AE
  • Pelco IMP221-1RS
  • Vivotek IB8168
  • Vivotek IB8367-T

Improved Camera Support:

  • Enabled LPR for Vivotek IP816A
  • Enabled PTZ for Axis P1347
  • Enabled PTZ for Axis P7216
  • Enabled ELPR for Axis Q1765
  • Updated resolutions for Axis M3024

v6.4.8 March 23, 2016

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

  • Disk cleanup process speed-up by filtering only cameras for the current server/server volume
  • Restart archive recording if ASF file duration is invalid

v6.4.7 March 11, 2016

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

  • Fixed timezone issue when displaying thumbnail video view
  • Preventing error from being logged on start up of video player

New Camera Support:

  • Axis Q3709-PVE
  • Samsung SND-5084
  • Samsung SND-6084
  • Samsung SNP-5321

Improved Camera Support:

  • Axis M3024
  • Axis M3026
  • Vivotek IP816A


v6.4.6 March 1, 2016

Bug Fixes and Improvements:
    • Prevent certain muxing failures from restarting capture process.


v6.4.5 February 12, 2016

Bug Fixes and Improvements:
  • Removed video loss configuration for Axis cameras
  • Maps page now loads top level map by default
  • Fixed ptz commands for Sony gen 3 cameras
v6.4.4 January 29, 2016
Bug Fixes and Improvements:
  • Fixed JavaScript memory leak in live view when using time cycles
  • Fixed export permissions in playback
  • Added indicator to show when live/playback video is being transcoded and proxied.
v6.4.3 January 15, 2016
Bug Fixes and Improvements:
  • Fixed issue with displaying archives in the correct timezone
  • Fixed issue with creating dashboard reporting charts
  • Fixed issue which caused CPU to spike on remote tier servers
  • Fixed audio on Arecont cameras
  • Fixed timeout which occurred while playing back more than 10 minutes of video
  • Fixed display of timestamp in live view using FBGST
  • Removed configuration of FTP events for Axis cameras
  • Removed LPR cameras from tree in matrix view
  • Fixed issue where users without Default permission could not log into Admin
  • Removed LPR Admin privilege since it wasn't being used
New Camera Support:
  • Panasonic WVSFR311
  • Panasonic WVSFR531
  • Panasonic WVSFN531
  • Arecont AV12176DN
  • Hikvision DS-2CD2632F-I
Improved Camera Support:
  • Axis 7216 encoder
v6.4.2 December 15, 2015
Bug Fixes and Improvements:
  • Fix issue with cameras not being restored when logging in
v6.4.1 November 30, 2015

Bug Fixes and Improvements:
  • Fix issue with RTSP/MPEG4 URLs not generating correctly for live view
  • Fix invalid resolution in Axis P1311 cameras
  • Include missing image in admin area

November 25, 2015

Bug Fixes and Improvements:
  • Added audio support
  • Switch to Orchid 1.6.0 playback backend
  • Improved error handling for live streams
  • Fixed LPR statistics window to use verified plates
  • Added low bandwidth indicator
  • Fixed truncation of download streams
  • Improved default camera settings
  • Added ability to specify RTSP port for RTSP streams
  • Added option to export mov or mkv
  • Fixed mass export download
  • Auto discover no longer adds unknown cameras as Arecont cameras
New Camera Support:
  • Axis F34
  • Axis F44
Improved Camera Support:
  • Axis Q7411 now supports PTZ
v6.2.4 October 19, 2015
Bug Fixes and Improvements:
  • FBGST now requests live view streams based on screen/container size.
v6.2.3 October 16, 2015
Bug Fixes and Improvements:
  • Improved library archive queue processing


v6.2.2 October 15, 2015

  • Added scroll bar to thumbnail view.
  • Mass update of cameras now takes video rotation into consideration when resetting motion detection lines.
  • Improved proxy timeout handling.
  • Removed flicker from live view in Firefox (full screen).
  • Library comment information now wraps when it has exceeded column width.
v6.2.1 October 6, 2015
Bug Fixes and Improvements:
  • Fixed incorrect version number displayed in UI and installer.
v6.2.0 October 2, 2015
Bug Fixes and Improvements:
  • Removed flicker from live view in Firefox.
  • Corrected playlist scrolling behavior.
  • Added support for FBGST versions 1.2.0 and above.
  • Changed default sort for library.
  • Improved mass export behavior.
  • Reduced unnecessary logging verbosity.
  • Added ability to playback current minute of recording.
  • Fixed capture image not downloading or sending to library.
  • Added a prebuffer of 5 seconds to LPR clip playback.
  • Improved naming of exported evidence files.
  • Removed mass export context menu from non-camera nodes.
  • Improved archive delete performance.
  • Improved the way motion event images are handled and stored.
  • Added LPR training data for Federal Government, NC and VA plates.
  • Improved display of disabled cameras.
  • Added error handling to ensure cache updates.
  • Improved delete performance for legacy library items.
  • Made the "server is down" page detect when server connectivity is restored.
  • Handled possibility of multiple user records existing when auditing.
  • Fixed videoloss event for Axis cameras.
New Camera Support:
  • Axis Q6115-E.
  • Axis Q2901.
  • Axis Q8414.
  • Axis P3225-LVE.
  • Axis F41.
  • Axis V5915.
  • Panasonic WV-SPV781L.
Improved Camera Support/Performance:
  • Canon VB-H43.
  • Axis Q7424.
  • Axis P5414.
  • Axis M7016.
  • Axis M3027.


Axis Q1615
Axis Q3505
Axis P1428
Beta fbgst live implementation for Axis cameras using RTSP/H264 over port 554
Fixed lpr watchlist name bug
Removed https option for camera administration
Hid rotation option for non Axis cameras in camera administration


Updated ActiveX control to fix memory leak


Added support for Windows pass through credentials


International timezone support

Turned off live view motion status
Fixed FIPS algorithm problem on Windows 2003
Handled caching error on start up
Pelco Encoder PTZ


Removed check for duplicate timestamps to allow interlaced video to play.
Removed motion indicator status from matrix page in low bandwidth mode.
Added samsung specific code to specify resolution on live view.
Added error logging for api controllers.Removed check for duplicate timestamps to allow interlaced video to play.Added samsung specific code to specify resolution on live view.
Added error logging for api controllers.
Recompiled Live555 with ignore unicast sdp ports


New Features 
> - Playback of archived video using FBGST 
> - Motion event seeking during playback 
> - Change video speed and aspect ratio in playback 
> - Replaced Silverlight player with html/jpeg polling 
> - LPR watchlist color highlighting 
> - Embedded LPR integration 
> - Support for Windows 2012 
> - Digital zoom in live and playback 
> - Removed StoreX virtual directory dependency 
> - Removed Windows Media Services dependency 
> - Mixing video files using FFMPEG 
> - UI tweaks (angular, bootstrap, fontawesome) 
> - Maps improvements (zooming etc) 
> - Migration path improvements 
> - New login page
> - Live view motion indicated by camera name changing color 
> - My Location to allow some server streaming and some direct connect 
> - Consolidated ServerStats, Portal sync services into Portal service
> - Added support for updated Axis firmware (v5.x only supported firmware v5.55 and previous)

> - Creating export hash files on demand 
> - LPR memory leak 
> - Camera defaults to continuous recording if it can't retrieve schedule 
> - Axis autofocus 
> - Removed LPR accuracy/trigger confidence from UI 
> - Support interlaced ASF video 
> - Mobile ptz fixes 
> - Some axis cameras incorrectly matching extended1 resolution 
> - Renamed PELCO SARIX to PELCO SPECTRA in camera factory 
> - Disabled UI rotation in favor of camera handling rotation 
> - Run age and groom delete routines every 5 minutes 
> - LPR callback handling on separate thread caused crash 

Improved Camera Support/Performance

> Lumenera (streaming only) 
> AXIS M3026 
> AXIS P1425-LE 
> AXIS P1427-LE 
> AXIS P3214-V* 
> AXIS P3215-V* 
> AXIS P3915-R 
> AXIS Q1614 
> AXIS Q1765 
> Canon VB-M42 
> Canon VB-M620VE 
> Canon VB-M720F 
> Canon VB-M620D 
> Canon VB-H630VE 
> Canon VB-H630D 
> Canon VB-H730F 
> Canon VB-H43 
> COHU (using Generic ONVIF) 

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