Backing Up Databases Before an Upgrade


The databases need to be backed up before an upgrade in case of failure, so the user is able to roll back the system to a previous state.



These actions, with little variance, will need to performed on EACH server that is running ESM and has a database. (Management and Archive Servers.)


1. Run SQL Management Studio and login to the database by pressing "Connect."

2. Expand the "Databases" section on the left hand tree.

3. These are the following databases that will need to be backed up IF they exist.


4. Right click on one of these and choose "Tasks > Backup."

5. Back the database up to the default location or to a location of your choice.


Perform this action for all databases on all the ESM servers until complete.
Once, complete, you are now ready to run the latest version of ESM's installer.


For more assistance, please submit a support ticket at 

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