Payload File Could Not Be Uploaded

When uploading eLPR’s payload file, you will receive a message saying “Payload file uploaded successfully” when the upload is successful. However, in some cases you may see a message saying the file failed to upload.

This error message is related to the SD card being used by the camera. The payload file, along with license plate reads are stored on the SD card. If eLPR has trouble communicating with the SD card, it will not be able to upload the payload file or store recorded plates.

When this happens, remove the SD card and reformat it on a computer using the FAT file system type. Once the SD card has been re-formatted, re-install it into camera and let eLPR re-format it.

After doing the above, you will be able to successfully upload eLPR’s payload file. If you experience any additional issues uploading the payload file, please submit a technical support ticket.

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    Rohan Edward
    Forbidden You don't have permission to access /local/elpr/lpr.html on this server. Server unable to read htaccess file, denying access to be safe
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    Ricky Gilleland
    Hi Rohan, If you are using a newer Axis camera, verify the firmware is not newer than version 5.65. Version 5.7x and newer of the Axis firmware is not currently supported. You can read more about this here: