Creating a New Server Volume

Creating a New Server Volume

NOTE: Each Archive Server must have at least one storage volume assigned prior to adding cameras. ESM supports multiple volumes. Cameras can be assigned to unique volumes in the Camera Settings page.


1. In the ESM Admin interface, Right-Click on the location server icon


2. Select "Add Server Volume"


3.  When adding the location that the Archive Files will be located, please include the full path to the location. Click OK

  *Note: The location on this screen shot is an example, your archive server may be on a different hard drive.


4. Enter the Server Volume Settings:

Storage Days (Short/Medium/Long) - This will be the storage retention options available for each camera in the camera settings page

Mac Disk Usage (GB) - amount of space ESM will use on the on the server volume Note: Default "0" will 90-95% of the disk space running the disk delete threshold process every 5 minutes when full. (Please refer to this knowledge base on achieving proper retention for more information: disk threshold delete process every 5 minutes deleting 5-10% of the oldest archive footage)

Motion Grooming (days): works on video that has been continuously recorded and where motion is detected. The algorithm will analyze video streams and determine where there is no motion and automatically delete it thus freeing up disk space.

Motion Grooming buffer (seconds): provides a pre-motion and post-motion buffer (in seconds) so that video maintains continuity before and after the motion event.



Using NAS Or A UNC Path For External Storage:

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