Mass Importing License Plate Data as a Watch List


User needs to mass import license plate data.



1. Download the LicensePlateFormat.txt file from below.

Here is a snippet of a few lines from that sample list:

C382253950MT007015G2011032215F3692 MT2006PC1984AMER SWBR0
C382275658CTCSP003320110222112TEST CT2012PC
C472274554MT007015G201102252A97329 MT2006PC
C532299149CTCSP000820110420TESTME1 C02011PC2009MASESEB2DAME
C542275136MT007015G201104282C66068 MT2009PC


Notice the format of each string. Each row is an individual vehicle. ESM parses the data as follows:


First 27 characters not used
License Tag – 10 characters
License State – 2 characters
License Tag Year – 4 characters
License Tag Type – 2 characters
Vehicle Year – 4 characters
Vehicle Make – 4 characters
Vehicle Model – 3 characters
Vehicle Body – 2 characters
Vehicle Color – 7 characters


2. Once the License Plate file has been built correctly, it is ready to be imported.

3. Open the ESM Admin UI and click on the LPR tab.

4. Click on "Watch List"

5. Create a new Watch list by right clicking on "Global Watch List" and choosing "Add." Name the list as desired. Click OK.

6. Right click on the watch list that was just created and choose "Update with NCIC file." Select the file you just created and then upload. Your Watch List is now active.


*Note: Each time the list is to be updated, update the license file and then upload it over the existing watch list. Each time the "Update with NCIC watch list" is performed, it overwrites the previous list.


Please submit a ticket to tech support if issues persist.



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