Creating/Modifying Recording Schedules

Recording Schedules

Recording Schedules are assigned to a camera(s) in the Device tab | Camera Settings |Scheduling page.  These schedules are defined in the Defaults tab. 

NOTE: ESM ships with a default schedule (“mon-fri 8AM -5PM”) which records continuously at 5 frames per second during normal business hours (8AM – 5 PM) and motion only during non-business hours.   You can modify this schedule to suit your requirements or create new ones.


To create a new Recording Schedule, choose the Settings header on the right, right click on the Schedules icon and choose Add Schedule Default and you will be prompted to name your new schedule.  Enter a name and click OK.  A calendar will be displayed. Double click anywhere on the calendar to recall the Appointment page. This page operates similarly to Microsoft’s Outlook calendar.  Enter a Description for this Recording Schedule and select a Recording Mode: Motion Only, Continuous or Disabled.  

Select a Frame Rate, a Start Time and an End Time.  (Please note: ESM will record the higher framerate selected between the recording setting and schedule. Setting the schedule to 0 fps will always choose the framerate selected in the recording setting.) You can choose an All day event or recurring event.  If Recurrence is selected you will be able further define how often the recurrence will occur (Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly) and the Range of Recurrence where you can specify an End Date, No End Date or after so many occurrences.   After you have entered the information click the Insert button  to save your changes.

The Recording Schedule will now be available in the drop down list in the Devices tab| Camera Settings| Scheduling page.


To modify an existing Recording Schedule, double click on it from the list of Schedules. Double click anywhere on the calendar and you will be prompted to edit this occurrence or the series.  The Appointment page will be displayed for you to edit the Recording Schedule.  Click on the Apply button   to save your modifications.


NOTE:  If there is no schedule selected on the camera settings|scheduling page, by default, ESM records Motion Only.

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