How to Restart Orchid on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

IMPORTANT: The information in this article is specific to Orchid version 1.12.7 or earlier.  Equivalent instructions for Orchid versions 2.0.0 and above are available in the Orchid Core VMS Installation Guide in the sections "How to Check, Start, or Stop Orchid Core VMS Services" under each available installation platform.


Orchid runs on Linux as a service and can be restarted through the command line, or through Monit, Orchid’s process monitor. This is often needed whenever a change has been made to one of Orchid’s configuration files.

There are two main services used by Orchid on Linux:

  • Orchid Server: The main Orchid server that records and archives video.
  • ONVIF Auto-Discovery Service: Used by Orchid to automatically find cameras that support ONVIF.

Restarting through the Command Line:

1. Open the “Terminal” program.

2. Type the following command into the Terminal:

  • sudo service orchid restart

Note: This command will only restart Orchid. If you need to restart the ONVIF Auto-Discovery service, replace “orchid” with “onvif_autodiscovery” in the above command.

3. After running that command, you will be prompted to enter the “[sudo] password” for your user. Enter the password used to login to your computer.

The Terminal will say the service is stopping, and then starting again after typing your password. Orchid has been restarted successfully once it says “Starting orchid… Ok”

Restarting through the Process Monitor:

1. Open a web browser and type localhost:2812 into the address bar to access Orchid’s process monitor, Monit.

2. You will be asked for a username and password. The username will be “admin” and the password will be the same as the default admin password in Orchid, unless it was manually changed through Monit’s configuration file.

3. A list of the services setup with Monit will appear, which will include orchid_server and onvif_autodiscovery_service.

4. Click the name of the service you would like to restart.

5. A detailed information page for the monitored service you selected will appear. Click the “Restart Service” button at the bottom of the page to restart the selected service.

  • Note: Clicking the “Stop Service” button will keep the service off until the “Start Service” button is clicked. 

6. After clicking the “Restart Service” button, the services status will update from Running to Running-restart pending

After a few seconds, the status will update back to Running once the service has restarted successfully.

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