Installing on Windows 7

The only difference between installing on a Server OS vs. Windows 7, is turning on the Internet Information Services/ World Wide Web Services feature (Instead of installing the IIS role)
This can be found in Control Panel >> Programs and Features >> "Turn Windows Features on or off" (found on left panel)
Install by checking the box for Internet Information Services.
The automated installation guide can be found on our website here:
(The version on the cover is different but the process is still the same)
Once ESM is installed, you will need to force Silverlight since Windows Media Services is not a Windows 7 feature.

You can force Silverlight by going to the management server. Then go to the cameras website root (usually C:\ipconfigure\), open the web.config file.
<add key="ForceSilverlight" value="False"/>
Change it to:
<add key="ForceSilverlight" value="True"/>
Please be aware of some of the Silverlight Limitations:
No digital zoom functionality
No audio in Matrix or Playback
Max of 1080p resolution
No MPEG4 playback
No Fast-Forward/Rewind on Archive Playback
Also, Windows 7 has a connection limit. Therefore, we recommend no more than 4 cameras recording at a time (less if multiple users will be monitoring ESM.)
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