Using NAS or a UNC Path for External Storage


I want to use NAS storage or a UNC path to write my data to another location.



Note* ESM does not support mapped drives. You must use the full path of the storage location. For example, \\\RemoteStorage is acceptable, but if you have mapped that drive to a local drive letter on the server, let's say, X:\RemoteStorage, that will not work. This is because when windows logs off of the user, mapped drives lose connectivity.


1. Add the location as a server volume under the archive server. (right click on the location underneath "Default Location" to select "Add Server Volume".


2. Give it the direct path name.


3. Open Services (Start > Administrative Tools > Services). Find the following 4 services.

ipConfigure Recording Control Service
ipConfigure ESM Remote Service
ipConfigure ESM Site Service

(ESMv6.4 and prior): ipConfigure Archive Creation Service


Right click on the first one and choose "Properties". Select the "Logon" tab.

Change the check box to a user that has permissions to access that drive you previously added. By default, these two services use a local network service account. In this specific case, I have created an active directory account that has access to the storage. If you are using a NAS, sometimes they have service accounts that are specific to them.

*be sure to use the format and NOT domain\user.


4. Restart these services. Now, you will have the option to save cameras to this volume in the admin ui camera setup pages.


If you have further questions, please submit a ticket via

Please NOTE: IPConfigure support technicians are unable to diagnose permissions, I/O, networking, or any other issues with the NAS or UNC Path.

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    Please, kindly suggest if this software can be applied for other H.264 DVR models.....???