Mail Configuration - Rules, Alerts and Reports

This article will explain what parts of the application use specific email settings and what they are used for.


Please examine the following image.


This is a screenshot of what the Location Server's (archive) SMTP settings look like. This page functions as two roles. 

1. The first 6 boxes are used as email connection information for Rules. When specifying a rule on the camera, it uses this information to send the appropriate information. The "Recipients" field that is shown here is NOT for receiving rule alerts, as that is done when you generate a rule.

2. The "Recipients" field, if filled in, will email the users every time there is a warning or error in the event log on this specific archive server.



Next, is the SMTP settings that are entered when you install the application. These credentials are used to send reports. 

If you have failed to enter SMTP information upon the installation, you can apply it afterwards by performing the following or referencing this guide:


Log into your Management Server.

Navigate to C:\Program Files\ipConfigure\ServerStats. Open the ServerStats.exe.config configuration file.

To ensure the emails are set up, ensure that your host, port, username, and password information is correct.

<smtp deliveryMethod="Network" from="">


host="Email Server" port="whichever port you are using" userName="" password="Password"/>

Alsoyou need to ensure that the following line is set to “True” ***Only if you are using an SSL connection. If you aren’t using SSL, it should be set to False:

<add key="SmtpEnableSsl" value="True"/>

Once all data has been verified, Navigate to the Services and restart the ipConfigure Server Statistics Collection service.

All emails go out at the top of the hour. For instance, if you make the change at 9:15, the first email you will see will be at 10:00.

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