IE Freezing on Workstations/Video Walls


Internet Explorer locks up and constantly freezes over time while viewing cameras.



Windows Aero should be disabled on any monitoring station as it causes an issue where graphic processing is offloaded to the GPU. Over time, this offloading can cache stream information causing video streams in IE to freeze when viewing multiples. If this happens, IE or even the entire workstation may need to be restarted to restore full functionality. 

The following steps may be performed to resolve this issue.

On the workstation/monitoring station ~

1. Start > Administrative Tools > Services
2. Find "Desktop Window Manager Session Manager"
3. Right click > "Properties"
4. Press "Stop"
5. Change the startup type to "Manual."
6. Apply > OK.

7. Start > Control Panel > System
8. Choose Advanced system Settings
9. On "Advanced" tab, press the "Settings..." button under the performance sections
10. Choose "Adjust for best performance".
11. Apply > Ok.

If the issue persists, please contact technical support.

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