TCP/IP Settings in SQL Configuration Manager


ESM will not install after attempting to connect to the SQL database. There are many SQL timeout errors in the application event logs.



1. Open SQL Configuration Manager (Start > Programs > Microsoft SQL Server> Configuration Tools > SQL Configuration Manager.

2. Click "SQL Server Network Configuration" Note* Not the 32bit version, unless your system is 32bit.

3. Click "Protocols for MSSQLSERVER" (may be a different name depending on your SQL instance name.

4. Double Click on "TCP/IP." 

5. Make sure that the first tab "Protocol" has the "Enabled" field set to "True."

6. Click on the "IP Addresses" tab. Ensure the IP of the server is added and set to true as well as the loopback address (

7. Click on "SQL Server Services."

8. Right click > Restart on the "SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER)"

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