Increasing Motion Detecting via Gridding

This method to increase motion detection accuracy is what we call Gridding. Please perform the following steps to increase the accuracy of the detection.


1. Go to the specific camera that does not seem to be flagging motion events accurately in the ESM Admin UI. "Devices > Camera X > Motion Detection Page.

2. Right click on the image (not lines) and select "Delete all detectors."

Now your screen will look like this:


3. Right click on the image and choose "Add Grid C 20x20"


Now you should see:


4. Think about a tic tac toe board. We are going to break up the current grid to look like the shape of a tic tac toe board by inserting and cropping out two vertical and 2 horizontal selections. Start at the top right corner of the image and count right about 5 to 6 columns. Click in between the lines and drag a long rectangular box towards the bottom of the page. You will end up with something like this:

5. Righ click on the gray rectangle you just made and choose "Crop Detectors". You will now have erased the space on the lines that the gray box intersected.

6. Now do this 5 more times to clear out the lines and make the overall detection image appear to be a tic tac toe shape.


This will now create 9 different motion detection fields for objects to pass through, thus increasing the chance to flag motion.


7. Press Apply.


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