Locations appearing offline


Some locations are appearing offline in the reports.



Truncate the event history table and restart the server statistics collection process.

1. Log onto Windows of one of the archive servers that are appearing offline.
2. Open up SQL Management Studio.
3. Type (local) with the parenthesis in the server name field and then press connect.
4. Click the "New Query" button above the object explorer and type the following text:

TRUNCATE TABLE ESM5_2.dbo.EventHistory

5. Press the red exclamation mark at the top (!) to run the command.
6. Log onto the Management Server.
7. In the "run" box type "services.msc"
8. Right click on "ipConfigure Portal Service" (v5.4 and previous - "ipConfigure Server Statistics Collection") and choose restart.
9. Re-run the report and the location should now be back online.



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