How to apply new or updated license

The License Key (.xml file).for the software is usually attached in the email sent confirming your software purchase or demo trial.

To import the license, log onto the Admin interface, click on the Defaults/Settings section, and then on Licensing. Browse to the location you saved the license file to and upload it. (Please note that your demo license will expire 60-days after the issue date. In order to request a longer demo period, please see below on how to export the activate request. Please also copy your sales manager on this request for approval.) 

If this is an existing server (license is already previously activated), the license provided should update upon upload. 

If this is a new software purchase or new management server that add-on licenses will be applied to, you will need to create an activation request. In order to do so, in the ESM admin interface, navigate to the Defaults/Settings section and click on the Licensing section.  Click “Export License Request” and submit a support ticket including this file at We will then generate a license key and email it back it to you. 


If you experience any issues, please refer to the article on possible licensing issues: If this doesn't help or you need assistance, please fee free to contact our support team by submitting a ticket with your question.

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