Possible Licensing Issues During Upload

There are two issues that may present themselves when updating a license that may cause a blue screen on the admin interface, indicating for you to contact your system administrator.


1.  (ESMv5.3-v6.0) Network Service does not have permission to the license file:

In (root)\ipconfigure folder – (Where you installed ESM) -- Default C:\ipConfigure, find the file "ipConfigure.license.xml". Right-click>>properties>>Security Tab. 

Choose Edit >> Add >> enter “NETWORK SERVICE” >>Check Names >> OK

Make sure the NETWORK SERVICE user is highlighted, put a check mark in the “Allow” box for modify >> OK >> click OK again in the files properties box.

Try to upload the license file again.



2.   Are you using ESMv6.4.12 or before? If so, more than likely you will need to update your licensing engine within the software (If you have already updated these files since 10/15/2016 or upgraded since this date, please disregard the following..

Due to an update in our licensing, newly generated licenses will not be compatible with the older licensing engine found in the ESM software.

In order for the new license to function properly, you will have to install the following .dll and .pdb file in the appropriate folders.

Attached you will find a ZIP file. Inside the zip file, you will find the .dll file and a .pdb file. You will need to deploy these files to 3 locations on the management server only:

[cameras website root]\bin\
[cameras website root]\admin\bin\
C:\Program Files\ipConfigure\PortalService\

You will need to stop ipConfigure Portal service. After replacing those files in the 3 different locations, remember to restart this service.




3. When uploading a new license on a new installation of an management/archive combination installation, make sure the archive server  is linked in the device tree in the admin interface before uploading the license. (Right-click on the location and press link to server.  Enter the ip address of the server.)



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