Video not appearing on iPhones - (ESMv5.4 and Previous)

Please Note: This is was resolved in v6.x

iPhone page loads but video does not display.

Two options are available; Upgrading to ESM or perform the following code change. This will need to be changed in two separate files.

To get the video of a camera stream to show up on an iPhone or iPad:

Navigate to and delete the folowing lines of code from the following two files:

[cameras root]\mobile\preview.js   (Usually C:\ipconfigure\mobile\preview.js)
[cameras root]\mobile\fullres.js   (Usually C:\ipconfigure\mobile\fullres.js)


Open it in notepad and delete the following portion of code:


    if ("iPhone") != -1 ||"iPad") != -1) {       // Apple Device Check

        jpegPullStreaming = false;


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