Disable Hashing in ESM

Disable Hashing in ESM

Issue:  When recording cameras our recording engine finalizes the writes at the end of each minute.  We also will create a hash key for each one minute clip to present to the user when the export as evidence button is clicked.  This results in a CPU spike on systems with a lot of cameras at the end of each minute.  

Resolution:  We have added the ability for you to disable Hashing if this feature isn't being used.

To do this navigate to C:\Program Files\ipConfigure\ServerCapture and open the ipConfigureServerCapture.exe.config file and ensure all of the Hash values are set to False.
        <add key="CreateMJPEGHash" value="False"/>
        <add key="CreateMPEG4Hash" value="False"/>
        <add key="CreateH264Hash" value="False"/>
        <add key="CaptureDateStamp" value="True"/>
        <add key="CaptureTimeStamp" value="True"/>
        <add key="DecodeFrames" value="False"/>
        <add key="TranscodeMPEG4PartII" value="False"/>
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