Possible issues with achieving proper retention on recordings

There could be a few reason that ESM will not achieve proper retention on recordings.

1. Please check that there is enough disk space on the archive server volume to hold the proper retention as set in the archive server volume. If there is not enough available space, it will run disk threshold delete process every 5 minutes deleting 5-10% of the oldest archive footage. (Please see knowledge base article when the archive volume fills up faster than this process can run:

2. Please check the server volume storage days on the archive server volume to ensure you have the proper days defined for "short", "medium", and "long".  Also check the camera settings page to make sure the camera is set the amount of storage days needed. Please note these defined storage days are unique to each server volume created for each archive server.

3. Check to make sure that the max disk usage field on the server volume is set to achieve the amount of storage needed to record the proper retention defined in GB. Default is set to "0" which will use the max amount of space available on the server volume before running the disk threshold delete process. Again, please note this defined max disk usage like the storage days above are unique to each server volume created for each archive server.

NOTE: The Max Disk Usage will calculate the entire disk available - not just the folder or server volume indicated.  (Ex. If you were using a shared SMB/network path like  \\ARCHIVESERVER\D$\ipcArchives\ with max disk usage set to 2048GB, it will calculate the whole disk (D:\) - not just the space still available for D:\ipcArchives\ . This example become important when you have other folders/programs using storage on the disk along with the IPConfigure archives. ESM will calculate the disk as a whole included the other file folders.)




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