.NET HTTP proxy

Issue:  When restarting an ESM server or restarting the recording control service all the camera processes do not spin up immediately and begin recording.

Reason:  This is due to a bug in the default .NET framework on 64 bit server editions that creates contention and does not allow more than a few parallel http calls to occur at the same time resulting in a bottleneck.  If the proxy is not explicitly disabled then the proxy information will be gathered from Internet Explorer so it must be disabled at the machine level.


To resolve the .NET HTTP issue, disable the .NET default proxy at the machine level.:
For all ESM servers:
Open these 2 files:
Locate or create a <> XML element under the <configuration> element.  Most computers will not have this XML element by default.  Note, you will need to create this anywhere beneath the </configSections> tag.  I would suggest to create it just above the <system.serviceModel> tag, which thus keeps the XML elements in alphabetical order.  Then locate or create a <defaultProxy> element, and create or modify it's "enabled" attribute setting it to false.
    <defaultProxy enabled="false" />
Restart the ESM and IIS services, or reboot.
Note, this will only ever have to be performed once per server, regardless of any future ESM updates.


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