Antivirus Exceptions on Server

If you're going to use Antivirus software on a server running Enterprise Surveillance Manager (ESM), you're going to need to put in exceptions in order for our software to work properly.  In 99% of the time when a help desk ticket gets escalated to development due to strange and unpredictable behavior, antivirus is almost always the culprit.


Antivirus exceptions that need to be applied against folders:

 Folder exclusions (include sub folders):

C:\Program Files\ipConfigure\

All ESM Archive Server Volume paths (where we store video)

File exclusions:



Sqlserver.exe (see:


You may need to manually exclude all of the .exe files in the C:\Program Files\ipConfigure\ directory as well.

  • ipConfigure.exe
  • ipConfigure.Esm.Portal.exe
  • ipConfigure.Esm.Site.Playback.exe
  • ipConfigure.Media.Services.Synchronization.exe
  • ipConfigure.Portal.Services.Synchronization.exe
  • ipConfigure.Esm.Remote.Playback.exe
  • ipConfigure.System.Capture.exe
  • ipConfigureServerCapture.exe
  • ServerStats.exe
  • ArchiveService.exe
  • MultiArchiveService.exe
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