Pan/Tilt/Zoom Commands

PTZ commands can be controlled by the keyboard, mouse, or approved joystick.


Keyboard Commands:

  • Arrow Keys = Continuous Pan in the direction selected
  • + on keypad and Page Up Key = Zoom in 
  • - on keypad and Page Down Key = Zoom out
  • Cntrl key = Rapid movement when combined with any of the above actions




 Mouse Controls:

  • Single Click = Centers the Camera on the location selected
  • Double Click = Zooms all the way out
  • Scroll wheel up/forward = Zooms in
  • Scroll wheel down/backward = Zooms out
  • Click and Drag to draw a Red box = Moves the camera and zooms in to display the viewing area to closely match the box drawn

Joystick Control:

Certain USB joysticks can also be used from the client machine to perform PTZ actions. The most common and fully supported is the Axis T8311 (Joystick Only) but most generic USB joysticks will work in some capacity.

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