Finding entity ID for specific camera and restarting the capture process/recording service

Sometimes by restarting the capture process (recording control service) for the particular camera corrects recording issues.  (Ex. Older versions of ESM (Some v5.3 version) sometimes would not update the schedule unless that process was restarted. 


First, in the ESM Admin interface find out the Entity ID for the camera having the issue by hovering over the camera name in the device tree.  A screen tip or popup will appear at the bottom of the browser window.  In the small text, find "cid=xxx". The xxx will be the entityID/cameraID.  


These ID #'s can also be found in the archive database ESM5_2.  In SQL Management Studio, you can drop down the database tree until you see "views" under the ESM5_2 database. By right-clicking on dbo.CameraDetail, you can choose "select top 1000 rows" in order to identify the camera having the issue.


Next, open the task manager on the archive server. Show the "Command Line" column if not already shown. (View>Select Columns, put checkmark in the "Command Line" Process.)  At the end of the Command Line is the Entity ID #. (Ex. C:\Program Files\ipConfigure\Server Capture\ipConfigureServerCapture.exe" ##EntityID##). Highlight The line for the Entity ID found in the first step. Choose "End Process" and then confirm on the pop-up to "End Process" again.  This process will automatically spin up again connecting ESM and the camera with a new process.



Other considerations:

This process can also be restarted (along with all the other cameras capture processes) by restarting the ipConfigure Recording Control Service on the archive server.

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