Bruteforce Attack - HTTP Login Bruteforce Detected

Bruteforce Attack attempt fails trying to access "/axis-media/media.amp"

Bruteforce Attack stemming from ESM not authenticating correctly to the Axis camera interface. Internet Explorer pulls the live stream directly from the camera.

In this case, the authentication was correct on the ESM interface but the access log on camera itself showed denied access. Rebooting camera helped clear this issue from the camera interface (possibly when password was changed on camera interface, camera was not rebooted).

Please try reentering the username and password in the authentication section of the camera settings page on the ESM admin interface. (Make sure there are no spaces before or after these entries.) Then try reentering it in the camera interface again and restarting the camera. The user should clear browser cache and log in again. This should clear both the "authentication denied" entry in the camera access log and  the Bruteforce Attack events since the camera is no longer denying ESM authentication.

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